Competitive Youth Classes

Wildcat Fencing Club offers Competitive Youth fencing classes in foil for children ages 8-14 on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The classes on Mondays and Thursdays are meant as add-ons to our Youth Classes on those days. It is expected that those attending these classes will also attend the Youth Class on those days. On Saturdays, the Competitive Youth class is a standalone class, there is no expectation to attend the Youth Class on that day. Instructors will focus on development of competition-specific skills, including strategy, and tactics. It is expected that participants have their own electric equipment for this class.


Fencers who wish to attend Competitive Youth classes will need a Competitive Level package, which is $400/month or $250/month with an annual membership ($300/year). This level allows for unlimited classes per week and access to open fencing. Coach’s permission is required for participation in Competitive classes and fencers are expected to have their own equipment.

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