Fencing is the sport of sword fighting. Facing a single opponent, officiated by a referee, you have two goals: hit, and don’t get hit.

Fencing is a lifelong sport, and Wildcat Fencing Club is committed to excellence in youth and long-term development. We teach fencers at all different levels and ages, from the 8-year-old picking up her first real sword, to the retiree who never forgot his favorite swashbuckling movie. We train high-schoolers working to captain their high school teams and collegiate fencers who travel the country for regional and national championships. Our instructors are experienced not only as coaches, but as fencers, athletes, and teammates.

There is no one perfect way to fence; instead, every fencer develops their own unique skill set. Your personal style may be shaped not only by your physical and technical ability, but by your own individual sense of tactics, strategy, and daring. Different fencers will choose different solutions to the same problem, and each new opponent presents new problems to solve. Therefore, while it’s important that everyone in the program develops the same strong fundamentals, what will ultimately make you successful as a fencer is whatever makes you… You.

Are you ready?

The coach staff presented an extremely balanced and highly professional program that catered very well across all of the levels that attended. Each of the instructors were caring and thoughtful with how they approached the students, igniting fires of inspiration for the sport of fencing!
— Jeff K., Parent

At Wildcat Fencing Club, we believe in creating a safe, fun, and enriching experience for all of our fencers. All of our classes and open fencing sessions are supervised by coaches who are USA Fencing and SafeSport certified. This allows us to promote a positive club culture and environment for learning the sport where everyone feels safe and welcome.